SateLite is a theme made for Kirby CMS, created by Marco Koedam partner at Conefrey/Koedam Graphic Design. This theme is aimed at people who don’t have the skills, time or resources, to create a website from scratch and want to concentrate on their content instead.

Why Kirby CMS?

Kirby works with files and folders, no database is used. That means all content is always accessible and not hidden in some database. Making a back up or running the site on your own computer is easier without a database involved and page loading speed is fast.

As a designer I like to start with a clean slate and Kirby offers just that. Kirby doesn’t make any assumptions about design or content, no existing code to deal with.

Theme features

Site settings

  • User controlled dark or light mode.
  • Optional display of a logo, upload specific versions for light and dark mode, and adjust the size.
  • Instructions for the use of theme colors in svg logos and the use of icons.
  • Four color palettes (Blue, Indigo, Teal and Gray) to choose from. Colors can be adjusted according a predefined range. Colors can also be set per template allowing for different colors in certain sections of the site or, when using multiple languages, per language.
  • Display the site name next to your logo, or use it on it’s own.
  • Set the language code.
  • Date formatting options.
  • Twitter card integration.
  • Optional use of Google analytics.
  • Optional use of breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Define categories to be used in article templates.
  • The theme is ready for the use of multiple languages.

Site menu

  • Easy default menu, all first level pages are used in the main menu.
  • Custom menu, select specific pages and optional subpages to use in a submenu.

Site footer

  • Layout the site footer to your liking, with additional blocks to create a navigation list and social media links.


All templates have fields for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Homepage, create up to four sections, with optional page navigation and fade in animation.
  • Collection page, typically the first page in a section of your site. Functions like a table of contents for all child pages in a card layout. Meta data for the cards can be switched on or off, cards can be displayed by year, you can set pagination and users can filter by category.
  • Articles pages, four different templates:
  • Error page, text and image can be adjusted to your liking.


A total of twenty two different blocks are available for appealing content creation. Some of the default Kirby blocks have extra features or settings.

  • Default blocks: Heading, Text, List, Quote, Table, Line, Code, Markdown, Image, Gallery, Video.
  • Custom blocks: Accordion, Button, Note, Pages, Slider, Thumbnail Slider, Tabs.
  • Extra block for the homepage: Feature Slider and Random Image.
  • Extra blocks for the site footer: Navigation and Social Media.


Google Chrome Lighthouse results for the demo pages: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are generally in the top range of: 90–100 for mobile and desktop. Including Youtube videos will cause a lower score.
The theme has been developed for modern browsers.

In the box

The theme includes demo pages with dummy text and placeholder images. The beautiful satellite imagery from the United States Geological Survey as used on this demo site are not included. The price of the SateLite theme doesn’t include a Kirby license. Kirby is not free. To use Kirby in production, you need to purchase a license. You can buy the SateLite Theme on Payhip.


I give personal support, by email, when errors are caused by the theme template code, css or javascript and the theme is used without any code adjustments.